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The legendary Jérome, a quiet-looking accountant whose math skills rival mutant superpowers. With a dexterity worthy of the X-Men, he manipulates FunKo Pop like Magneto would manipulate metal. And his accomplice? His living room tiger, Ryuk, embodies the majesty of the Phoenix, taking naps as if regenerating the energy of the universe.

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Jeremy, as big as Chucky and endowed with the kindness of Freddy Krueger after an intensive meditation session, was once as drilled as Pinhead from Hellraiser. Finally, he decided that smiles were much easier to wear than safety pins. Now he pierces the bubbles of negativity with his hair-raising humor.


Alexandra, a modern epicurean with a touch of romance worthy of "Pretty Woman". Her bath is her sparkling sanctuary where she celebrates life by sipping champagne as if each bubble were a spark of adventure. And in his dream scenario, imagine Daryl Dixon joining this luxurious bathhouse, equipped with his famous crossbow to hunt down imaginary zombies in the sparkling swamps. With Alexandra, every moment is an unexpected celebration, whether it's with a flute of champagne or a dose of zombie-whimsical humor.

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Marion, the stunt queen, is a true fanatic of Buffy Summers, she admires her courage, her strength and her ability to kick the ass of supernatural villains. So watch out for the vampires, Marion is ready to face them with one missing tooth and a dazzling smile.

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Aurore, fearless as a Khaleesi conquering the Seven Kingdoms, enters each competition with the same determination as Daenerys Targaryen to win the Iron Throne. Going up against her is like challenging Tyrion Lannister to a verbal duel - an adventure full of surprises for those who dare.


Amy, the '90s costume goddess with more tattoos than "House Party" episodes, is secretly hiding a secret plan worthy of the twists and turns of "Beverly Hills, 90210." Her tattoos are not just a gallery of retro art, but a treasure map. Astroboy's face and the Stark emblem are subtle clues, while the code 4815162342 reveals the ultimate hideout.


Roxanne, a hilarious mix between Hermione Granger and Samantha from 'My Beloved Witch'. With her flamboyant red hair, she looks unmistakably like a modern version of Samantha, but instead of spells, she casts literary quotes. An avid reader like Hermione, she could recite an entire chapter of "War and Peace" in the blink of an eye. And when she's not devouring books, she turns her bathroom into a concert hall where even the shampoo sings in harmony.

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Laëtitia, the dreamer with the contagious smile, embarked on an "Into the Wild" adventure, but her globe-trotting side quickly came up against the reality of mosquitoes and poorly pitched tents. Between bursts of laughter, she shares her wild anecdotes while claiming that even Walter White could not have concocted such an intense experience!

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Sarah, the champion of chatter, can hold a conversation longer than Jon Snow's journey beyond the Wall. She embodies the free spirit of the Starks, but instead of winter, she prefers warm laughs. Her determination to spread cheer is as fierce as Lagertha facing her Viking foes! And when Sarah's done with her verbal jousts, she enjoys relaxing in front of Malcolm's wacky adventures while sipping a fine pastis!

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