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These general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS) apply to all sales concluded for events organized from July 1st, 2023 onwards.

1. Passes and Extras

The purchase of a Pass in advance is mandatory in order to attend an event organized by the Geek'n Cheese association. This purchase should be made through the official event ticketing platform.

Online payment is to be made through the ticketing platform, and bank transfer is also possible after contacting the organizers via email at the address provided during announcements.

The ticketing platform generally closes one week before the event date.

Several types of Passes are offered, some may include extras and some may not, but all allow access to the event. Purchasing a Pass is also a prerequisite before buying Extras, which may include photos, autographs, meetings, etc.

No refunds for extras will be provided if a participant purchases extras without an entry Pass; they would not be able to attend the event either.

Passes and Extras are personalized and sent to the email address provided during the purchase. It's possible to buy them for someone else by providing their details.

Reselling of passes and extras is prohibited.

An extra ticket is valid for one person only. In cases where an extra can accommodate multiple individuals, this will be specified at the time of the extra's sale announcement.

The prices announced during the announcements do not include potential service fees applied by the ticketing platform used by the Geek'N Cheese association. In case of a refund, these fees will be borne by the participants.

The prices of Passes and Extras are communicated during the event announcement or when a Guest (invited guest) is announced. These prices can vary from one event to another and from one Guest to another.


Some Pass grant you a "voucher" (availability and amount specified in the pass details).

Vouchers are provided during the pass distribution, along with passes and extras.

These vouchers can be redeemed for all available extras in stock as well as raffle tickets.

It's important to note that these vouchers are only usable during the event weekend. Any partially or unused voucher will be considered forfeited and cannot be refunded or used for another event.

2. Right of Withdrawal

Events organized by Geek'N Cheese with a specific date or period at the opening of ticketing are not subject to the right of withdrawal.

3. Payment Methods

Passes and Extras can be purchased on the official event ticketing platform using a credit card, and sometimes through PayPal if available. Payment can also be made via bank transfer by sending an email to the address provided during announcements. This method requires a longer processing time, and you will receive your passes and extras only upon full receipt of payment in the association's account.

Certain Passes or Extras can be paid in installments. The payment schedule might be automated depending on the ticketing platform; if not, you'll receive one by email. You are responsible for adhering to these dates; failure to meet deadlines will result in the cancellation of the Pass or Extra without the possibility of a refund.

4. Transfer of Ownership

The purchased Pass or Extra will be transferred to you only upon full payment. For placement in the panel room, your seat will be reserved upon the first payment when purchasing Passes in installments. Numbered seating is assigned in the order of participant purchases.

5. Refund Procedures

The Geek'n Cheese association commits to providing refunds (excluding ticketing fees) to participants only in the case of a complete event cancellation. Ancillary costs (accommodation, transportation, etc.) are not refundable, so it's advised to book accommodations with free cancellation/modification options.

The venue may be changed without Geek'n Cheese being held responsible; this won't be a valid reason for requesting refunds for Passes and Extras.

A Guest may cancel their appearance due to personal or professional reasons. In such cases, the team will try to propose a replacement Guest. If successful, extras will be automatically transferred to the replacement Guest. The association will provide instructions if this replacement is not suitable for certain participants, possibly offering credits for use during the event or refund. Guest cancellations are beyond the control of Geek'n Cheese and cannot be a valid reason for Pass refunds.

Your absence on the event day also does not entitle you to a refund.

In the event of a postponement/advance of an event to another date, your Passes and Extras are automatically valid for the new date, without any action required on your part. If you can't make it to the new date, Geek'n Cheese will request justification ( work, medical, personal) and offer options for credit toward a future event or a refund after the closure of the Guest list. Deadlines will be communicated for submitting requests, and beyond these, Geek'n Cheese cannot be held responsible, and refunds will no longer be possible.

6. Event Proceedings

A personalized and numbered Pass will be provided upon your arrival in exchange for proof of online purchase and an identity document. This Pass must be carried with you throughout the event as it will be checked by Geek'N Cheese staff at the entrance to the panel room or rooms where activities take place.

A schedule is provided a few days before the event and will also be displayed on-site; however, it's subject to last-minute changes, even on the day of the event. Announcements on screens and microphones in the panel room, where attention is required, will take place in the main hall in all cases.

While the staff will do their best to ensure that no one misses an Extra, Geek'N Cheese cannot be held responsible if you miss an Extra session (whether due to a schedule change or not) and will not issue a refund.

Some extras, like Meetings, may sometimes occur only on one of the two days for events held over a full weekend. This is specified when announcing the Guest.

The schedule indicates a start time and an end time. Keep in mind that, as with any event of this type, delays can occur. Therefore, it's recommended not to book transportation close to the event's end time; this will not lead to a refund.

7. Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

Persons with reduced mobility will have the option to be seated in the first or second row during the event. To benefit from these special arrangements, they are kindly requested to send proof of their situation to the email address no later than one month before the event.

A dedicated staff member will be assigned and present throughout the weekend to accompany and assist PRM, ensuring their comfort and optimal participation at the event.

Accompanying persons of those with reduced mobility (PRM) will have free access to the event through a special Companion Pass. However, please note that these companions won't be allowed to attend meetings, one-on-one sessions, or specific activities reserved for participants. Additionally, companions won't be able to obtain autographs or appear in photographs, including duos, trios, or group photos, without prior purchase of extras.

8. Minors / Children

If you are a minor aged 16 and above, you can attend the event without an accompanying adult, provided you have filled out a parental consent ( Parental authorization ) form signed by a legal guardian. This signed consent form will need to be provided on the day of the event when receiving the Pass, along with a copy of the legal guardian's ID.

Persons under 16 years old cannot attend events without an accompanying adult who has also purchased a Pass for themselves.

9. Photos / Videos

Videos are prohibited throughout the event, except during opening and closing ceremonies.

Photos are prohibited during all activities outside the panel room, as well as in hallways or waiting lines.

Flash-free photos are allowed during Q&A sessions (commonly known as Panels).

Tripods are not allowed as space is often limited between chairs and aisles need to be clear for safety reasons, and this would obstruct the view of other participants.

During Photo Extras, a Guest has the right to refuse a pose, and the photographer can also do so if it involves moving their equipment. This will not result in a refund.

The photography team is responsible for verifying the photos and makes every effort to approve them without defects. However, poorly executed poses, insufficient smiles, partially closed eyes, reflections on glasses, etc., will not be valid reasons for refunds from Geek'N Cheese.

10. Right to Image

The purchase of a Pass and/or Extras, and participation in an event organized by Geek'N Cheese, includes permission for your image to appear in photos, videos, or social media stories. You also authorize the association to use these videos/photos for commercial purposes in the promotion of its events.

The same applies to Press partners who may be present during our events to create articles, videos, or souvenir photo galleries.

11. Catering

Events include a lunch break, but the purchase of a Pass does not include meals. Catering is at the participants' expense. Depending on the venue, it may be possible to have lunch within the panel room, which will be communicated before the event.

12. Code of Conduct

By purchasing a Pass and attending one of our events, you agree to adhere to the schedules, calls based on Pass types or numbers during extras, and respect the privacy of our Guests.

Any inquiries regarding the private lives of our Guests, whether during panels or any other activity, are not tolerated. Failure to comply with this rule may result in immediate exclusion from the event without the possibility of a refund.

The same standard applies to the Geek’N Cheese staff. While they strive to be as available as possible for you on-site, there might be instances where they need to seek information or attend to urgent matters and redirect you to someone else. Under no circumstances will disrespect, defamation, physical and/or verbal aggression towards them be tolerated. Any such behavior will lead to immediate exclusion from the event without the possibility of a refund.


13.Personal Belongings

Geek’N Cheese cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to your personal belongings. Your personal effects remain under your sole responsibility throughout the duration of the event.

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